[A4] Re: Quattro, Torsen, Haldex and others...

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Tue Dec 28 17:11:21 EST 2004

At 13:22 2004-12-28, Rocky Mullin wrote:
>At 2:04 PM -0700 12/28/04, Quincy Chiang wrote:
>>I believe BMW introduced their new X-drive earlier this year, with the 
>>introduction of the X3.  I know they've since replaced the old system on 
>>the X5 with the new one, but I'm not sure if they ever adapted the 
>>x-drive to the e46 3-series, since the new 3 (e90) was just released very 
>>recently.  They may simply use the new system on the new 3.  I haven't 
>>read a lot on the X-drive, does anyone has any good info on that?
>         "fifth gear" on TV *raved* about x-drive and called the X3 the
>best handling in its class.  they loved it.

When I drove an X5 I must say I was impressed.   This was 2-3 years ago.  I 
really liked the handling, the ride, the turning radius and the power...and 
this was the 3 liter 6 cylinder automatic.

I'd consider an X5 6 cylinder 5-speed if I were in the market.  I think 
that would be very nice.

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