[A4] New car considerations

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Thu Sep 1 16:03:18 EDT 2005

At 9:59 PM -0600 8/30/05, Glenn Ackerson wrote:
>Hi folks,
>   It's time for me to put the current A4 on the market and look at a new
>one. And, concerning that purchase, I'd be interested in your feedback on
>two options I'm considering:
>(1)   The 2006 A4 comes standard with 16-inch wheels and has 17-inch as
>options. I'm looking for a balanced ride - where comfort isn't sacrificed
>for performance. So, I likely won't be going with the sport suspension,
>because I commute 60 miles a day. Lastly, I live in Colorado, so having
>clearance on the tires is important - I tend to put snows on in the winter.
>I get the impression that 17-inch tires are easier to find these days than
>they used to, so the higher cost is not as much of a downside as I've been
>told it used to be. So, your  thoughts/feedback on the advantages of a
>17-inch wheel vs. the standard 16-inch?

	my 16" wheels with sport suspension has no sacrafices in comfort
for performance.  60 miles/day is effortless.  don't skimp on the sport

>(2)   I'm intrigued by the navigation system that is an option, but it's an
>EXPENSIVE option. The question I have is: have the navigation systems in
>cars evolved to the point where they are truly useful and not just gee-whiz
>toys to impress? I often use Mapquest or Google maps to find directions, so
>it would certainly be handy to have that navigation in the car. But, I don't
>want to spend that kind of money for a complex, hard to use, marginally
>useful toy. Any feecback?

	my a4 has the nav.  i'm never buying a car without one ever again.
mine is the first gen audi nav, no maps, and from the first time i used it
the thing far, far eclipsed the status of a mere gee whiz gadget.  it's
extremely useful and simple to use.

  Rocky Mullin 


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