[A4] New car considerations

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Thu Sep 1 16:17:14 EDT 2005

At 6:19 AM -0400 8/31/05, Kent McLean wrote:
>Glenn Ackerson wrote:
>>  (1)   The 2006 A4 comes standard with 16-inch wheels and has 17-inch as
>>  options. I'm looking for a balanced ride - where comfort isn't sacrificed
>>  for performance.
>I'd go with 17-in wheels and high-performance tires for the
>summer, and the 16-in wheels for winter snows. If you can
>have only one set of wheels, go with the 16-in.
>>  (2)   I'm intrigued by the navigation system that is an option, but it's an
>>  EXPENSIVE option.
>Remember when car phones where cool.  Do you even see them
>as an option now?  No. Because a cell phone is so much more
>useful.  I'd go with a hand held GPS. You can swap it between
>cars, take it with you if you fly and use a rental car. The
>hand held is more useful than a "I wish we took my car" GPS.
>Plus it easily transfers to the next new car.

	i have both and like i said, will always buy a car with GPS integrated
in the system.  my handheld is great for my BMW GS and geocaching but the
integrated will never be stolen out of my car...

  Rocky Mullin 


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