[A4] New car considerations

Aaron Azevedo Aaron.Azevedo at saucony.com
Tue Sep 6 08:24:14 EDT 2005

Brian - 
Funny you mention this. As much as I feel the Japanese have no
character and can't imagine driving one, I keep coming back to the
Infinty M and the Lexus GS.  
Your note on the G35x is interesting.  About 12 months ago Automobile
magazine did an evaluation of electronic AWD vs. mechanical AWD.  The
infinty G35x crushed the A4 in every category on both pavement and ice. 
 Now I'm not a numbers guy and I still think the infinity is ugly, cheap
and lacks character, but they must be doing something right?
Food for thought.
'00 A4 Avant
'95 993 C2

>>> Brian O'Connell <boconnell at yahoo.com> 9/6/2005 8:06:11 AM >>>
Since you included the Infiniti fx, you should also
keep in mind the G35x. Just came back from NYC and
saw a bunch of them. Not that I would compare this to
an Audi....

Just to note, Saab seems to be doing very well in the
NE. Here in Houston, you can't find any 9-3s, but
they are all over the place in NYC. Perhaps it's the
$237/mo for a lease.


--- Rocky Mullin < caliban at sharon.net > wrote:

> At 7:47 PM -0700 9/5/05, Nicholas Stock wrote:
> >Now that's fighting talk!! I've never really like
> the Lexus as a
> >brand..perhaps it's because I can't mentally get
> away from the fact
> >that you're buying a Toyota with a few fancy bells
> and whistles (I
> >know, that's a very broad assumption..). Then
> again, some of my
> >friends just say I drive a VW with a different
> badge...until I scare
> >the crap out of them going around a tight
> corner....
> >
> >What other cars would you consider along side a new
> A4? Do BMW still 
> >do an AWD?
> x3, i considered that, as well the 325xi. and
> infiniti fx cars.
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