[A4] Battery died, new battery installed, window wierdness

Jon delta9 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 10:37:04 EDT 2005

Like the subject says, my battery died in my A4 and I got a new battery 
installed over the weekend. My battery was so dead that the radio went into 
"SAFE" mode, the trip computer would get reset, etc. I have no idea how it 
managed to start but it never left me stranded, it would just take about 
5-10 seconds to crank over when it normally only ever took about 2 seconds 
to crank.

I took it to Sears and had a new "Diehard International" installed in it 
yesterday. When I was driving home I realized my "one touch" feature of my 
windows wasn't working. I originally thought that I would have to reset 
something in the ECU w/ my VAG-COM. But then the one window (passanger side 
front) started working correctly. Then the back two, then finally the front.

It seemed like you had to put each of the windows the whole way down and 
then back up for the one touch feature to 'initialize'. Maybe there is some 
setting that has to be set so the motor knows how far to put the window down 
and up. That would be the only logical explanation I can think of.

I have no idea, has anyone else seen this behavior after they disconnect the 
battery? I got the radio to work just fine, since I had the 4 digit code in 
the owners manual. Glad I didn't remove that little card because I would've 
lost it by now had I removed it.


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