[A4] More Wheels

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Sun Apr 23 17:33:05 EDT 2006

At 2:08 PM -0700 4/23/06, Nicholas Stock wrote:
>Rocky, I agree, some of the wheels people put on their cars are bloody
>awful...especially those damn spinners, but if people get enjoyment
>out of them, then more power to them. With regards to the various
>comments regarding low profile tires and large rims, then let me put
>my 2 cents in.. I used to have the 10 spoke 16inch 'sport' wheels on
>the old 2000 A4 avant and I quite liked the look of them. I now have
>the 18inch S-line wheels on the 2006 A4 Avant....the performance
>difference in handling and cornering is quite staggering...I don't buy
>the argument that there is no difference in track times between the
>two sets on the same car...take a look at the touring car
>championships....you don't see 15 inch rims with large profile tires
>on those suckers...

	there was testing done on the same car, swapping different size
wheels (same tires) and there were no discernable differences in times.
*shrug* it's just something i read.

	the performance differences you see might be staggering, but it
is a very, very different car.  two generations later.  it's impossible
to say that it's because of the wheels.  the tires will make more of a
difference than the wheels, usually.

>However, I will agree with you Rocky when it comes to the damn cost of
>replacing those low profile tires!!

	just the increase in cost from my b5 16s to b7 17s has been
terrible!  really jacked the cost of my snows.  each tire was more
than each wheel!!

  Rocky Mullin 


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