[A8] ADMIN: we're back

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Nov 20 02:38:59 EST 2003

Welcome back everyone- it's been too long.  Dan switched DNS over and 
we moved everyone's subscriptions as best we could to the new box.

First off- apologies if you were in digest mode and got switched to 
regular.  You'll obviously want to fix that quickly, before volume 
picks up again- the welcome email you got should have a URL to your 
prefs page- if you didn't get such an email, then bop over to 
http://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/[list name goes here]/ and 
follow the directions.  Don't forget to try out MIME digest mode- 
some mail clients handle it very nicely, just as if it were a 
mini-mailbox. Which is nifty.

We're still fixing things- for example, S-car-list has a new list 
admin(gotta fix that!:-), a lot of lists don't have descriptions, are 
sporting those bloody annoying [listname] subject prefixes, etc.  I'm 
spending tonight on cleanup patrol.

Also- archives are hosed.  Big time.  Long story, sad ending.  We 
have backups but the tape drive isn't doing a very good job of 
reading them- if you have a big heart, work for a data recovery 
company or have access to a DDS3 drive in excellent condition 
mechanism-wise that you can lend us for a bit, please drop Dan a 
line(dans at audifans.com).  Well, not right this second, because his 
mail's not working on the new box yet we think <grin>.

Oh, and the marketplace needs to be moved I think- same for the 
registry.  Mark's been talking about something new+sparkly, we'll see 
what he's got(patience, grasshopper.)

What's new:

-faster server.

-exciting new Mailman interface features.  Check out your preferences 
page.  Honest.  Really.  Not make-your-night kinda stuff, but nice 
regardless.  Its kinda, 'make your hour' stuff.

-faster server.

-better bounce detection and simpler rules for auto-removal(list 
admins can now tell if you unsubbed, or the system unsubbed you, 
etc).  If you bounce for more than 5 days, you get unsubbed 
automatically, thems the breaks.  Just join up when you've sorted out 
your email :-).  The system now also employs some wonderfully fancy 
magic to nearly guarantee Mailman will be able to figure out bounce 
messages, which will be a godsend for us list admins- there are some 
horribly broken, evil mail servers out there :-)

-did I mention, faster server?  As in, 100mhz sparc processor to 3ghz 
P4?  As in, 5x the ram?  Etc.  Oh, and we won't be running out of 
disk space any time soon.

-delegation of moderation.  Listadmins can now set a separate 
moderate-only password and recruit people to help approve/process 
moderation items(I will be doing this for 200q20v, that's for sure!)

-oh yeah.  Faster server.  Watch those mailman UI pages load at 
lightning speed, baby!

Dan's off chasing a fuzzy yellow ball with a frying pan, but I'm 
cleaning up stuff as I run across it.  List admins, please drop Dan 
or I a line, need to arrange list passwords for you, help you fix 
your options(I picked what I think are sensible defaults, and will 
correct what I notice tonight etc.), help you cope with all the extra 
options, etc.

If you come across a problem, please hold back until tomorrow 
afternoon so we can get a chance to sort things out.  Problems that 
still exist after that are fair game to harass us about...

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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