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Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 1 15:56:05 EDT 2001

Thats spin balance (dynamic) vs. bubble balance
(static).  Many shops have, or used to have, both.
Charge more for spin balance of course.  I'm surprised
any shop still uses the old bubble balances though.
Matt Rooke

--- Dan Hamren <dan at magnitude-electronics.com> wrote:
> I cant belive anyone would take thier tires to be
> mounted and ballanced at
> Wheel Teqniques.. I mean don't get me wrong, BUT as
> busy as they are.. I
> don't think that they take enough time to ballance
> the tire perfectly.. I
> watched them balance my recently fixed 17 inch BBS
> wheel in 2 min... WHIP EM
> OUT ... Now I took it out for a drive.. and still
> had the shakes.. I took
> the car to Wheel Works and had thier SUPER ExPENSIVE
> 48 dollar ballance
> done.. Low and behold... NO MORE SHAKES.....   So
> while I don't reccommend
> ANY tire shop.. At least Wheel Works has the machine
> that ballances the
> tires UNDER LOAD! Which worked for me...
> Course when he mentioned to me a shipping charge on
> some Yokohammas for my
> Range Rover.. I fealt the KY jelly comming
> soon.......
> Dan Hamren
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