[ba] brake question

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 5 03:43:03 EDT 2001


thanx a ton. i siphoned the res as best i could with a turkey baster than i 
dont plan on reusing for turkey.

what rear reservior? are yo referring to the fluid reserve in the master 

i checked for brakejuice at all the prop valves and anti-lock doodads, under 
powerbleed pressure, to make sure the juice is getting to all the calipers, 
and  rebled the whole thing tonight, all careful-like according to bentley, 
includng "pumping the pedal while bleedign the RR", after i had bled all 4 

still have sponges in my pedal. ive run a litre + 1/2 of juice thru it and 
im still comin up short. i may be buying time to have it done, but i feel so 
close. WHY is this so hard? ive bled a gazillion (okay, several) cars brakes 
and never had this happen ?!?!?

anyone who can tell me what im overlooking would be my most-favorite audi 
friend for at least a day....

oh, i didnt bleed the clutch. could that be it? no mention of this in the 

>... Assuming that you drain the reservoir before starting you aren't going
>to need anywhere near that much fluid to flush the system.  Unfortunately,
>to completely drain the reservoir you have to pop it off the top of the
>brake M/C ... which may screw up the grommets.  I usually just use the
>MityVac to draw down the rear reservoir and live with the spooge in the
>Don't forget to bleed the clutch if you've got an MT ...
>Steve Buchholz

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