[ba] How to get in FREE to ALMS, Monterey Historics, Cart, Nascar, and more!!!

Gray & Audrey Poole grayps at prodigy.net
Wed Sep 5 14:45:14 EDT 2001

To all of you car fanatics there is a simple and fun (and perfectly legal) way to get in free to Races at Laguna Seca, Sears Point, Riverside, Buttonwillow, Thunderhill, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas and most any other track in the country.

Simply Join SPORTS CAR CLUB OF AMERICA, San Francisco Region, and become a volunteer in one of many (15+) areas of their race worker program, have you ever noticed the flaggers, starters, grid marshalls, tow trucks, fire-rescue, tech inspectors, timing&scoring, etc., etc., personnel at the races, well, they are the volunteers, that keep the race going and let the racers race.  You can be one of them.
         The yearly dues are nominal depending on whether you sign up singly or as a family.  There are many advantages besides getting in free.  Meeting new friends, getting up close and personal with cars and drivers and not being considered a nosy spectator, you are there with a reason and a purpose.  There's a lot more behind the scenes that make it even more interesting and worthwhile but join and work and find out.
        Call the San Francisco Region SCCA Office at 530-934-4455, or write SCCA, P.O.Box 966, Willows, CA, 95988 for a membership app.   AND YOU CAN CHECKOUT www.sfrscca.org  for other news.
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