[ba] alignment shop recommendation - follow up

Harrison Blackwood audifanatic at killjoy.net
Fri Sep 7 18:10:06 EDT 2001

Local Audi types,

I went to Custom Alignment in Mountain View on Wallace's recommendation.
I'm very satisfied with their professionalism, customer service and speed.
They replaced my right inner tie rod and aligned all four wheels. I waited
ten days for the initial appointment then three days to get/install tie rod.

Front end alignment $75
-M&M $80 - could have had an appointment in four days, but already scheduled
with Custom Alignment.
-T&D Performance (my local mechanic of choice) $80
-San Jose Audi Dealer $105 + labor, very very rude telephone service. It
took 3 calls to get someone to help with an inquiry about an alignment.

Thanks Wallace.

I still need to get wheels looked at by Wheel Techniques and straightened,

I'll be at Laguna this Sunday with father in his '91 white 90 20v Sedan.
Wearing O.D. green army jungle hat.

Harrison Blackwood
Los Gatos, CA
'90 Audi CQ     
'81 BMW R100RS     
'60 Triumph TR3A   

>> I was run off the road into a curb in order to avoid a major accident from a
>> crazed SUV driver. I swerved to avoid major damage and the right front wheel
>> suffered a hard but glancing blow to the curb.
>> Now the wheel needs serious cosmetic help and is in unknown shape. My
>> alignment is also screwed up from the way the steering wheel rests.
>> Any recommendations or past experiences where I can/should have alignment
>> checked from some one who knows Audi in San Jose area. My usual local shop
>> is backlogged 2-3 weeks. M&M Audi? Wheel Techniques for repair?

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