[ba] Mabey A Short?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Sep 19 04:45:05 EDT 2001

Try unplugging each of thebig plugs behind the fuse/relay panel, examine
the contacts on both sides, and clean them of any corrosion or deposits,
and then re-plug.  Do a similar thing with all the relay and the fuse
contacts.  Finally, check the instrument panel flex-circuit and plugs
for dirt and contact problems.  If neither of these resolve the problem,
then it's time to look through the Bentley manual wiring diagrams and
try to understand how the circuits are wired, and figure out why you might
be running into this problem.  The last resort may be to replace the
fuse/relay panel itself with a new one.

Best of luck,

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Ken writes:
> im having this very lame problem with my 4k, sometimes like mabey 1 out =
> of 20 times when i turn the turn signals on my fasten seatbelt light =
> comes on with the irritating buzzer, and my rpm gauge revs up, the motor =
> does not rev but the gauge goes all nuts and revs up n down then back to =
> where it was, also when its actually not doing that crap, everytime i =
> have the turn signals going the engine and the rpm gauge rev, yes the =
> engine even revs not much bout 1.1rpm, its idle on 1 but when i turn the =
> signals on it moves up and down from 1rpm to 1.1 and i actually hear the =
> engine going also. i checked all the grounds under the dash board agains =
> the chassis and they look ok, mabey a cleaning may be needed but im not =
> sure, this cars wiring was horrible when i first got it, just for =
> example it had a wire from the ignition to the coil to the starter to a =
> switch inside so when the starter failed to get power u clicked the =
> switch, well i no longer needed that once i put a new one on, but i left =
> the wire spliced into the wires that go to the starter because i'm =
> afraid to touch it.

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