[ba] BA source for low cost parts?

Ken bowzah at worldnet.att.net
Wed Sep 19 18:27:04 EDT 2001

check out www.force5auto.com really good audi/vw dismantler, i bought my
header and new door panels off him at a very good price, you may also want
to check the local pick and pulls the one on commercial street usually has a
4000 or 2 i just saw a coupe GT in there the other week so it may be there,
the one on monterey highway is ok some times but i only usually see 5Ks and
Gts there, u have a coupe gt or a 4000 2 Door Coupe?


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> Hi,
> Just joined the list.
> Is there a listing anywhere of the BA Audi resources?
> Dismantlers, low cost replacement parts etc.
> I need a new set of positive and negative cable harnesses and the dealer
> pricing is $161.
> I may also need a rebuilt or used right power window assembly unless
> has a crib sheet on overhauling the existing assembly. It still operates
> very slowly and needs physical help to get the window back up.
> Thanks,
> M./
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