[ba] list structure is clearer now

audion audion at serversmiths.com
Thu Sep 20 15:23:13 EDT 2001

>Not trying to flame you .. mind you.. just telling you what a few people are
probably thinking...

Okay, I get the structure now. It wasn't clear at first. I run my own
listserver and am tuned into being on topic ;-).

These lists are run quite a bit differently than any others I've seen.

Anyway, thanks for the replies over the last 2 days, there are enough leads
there for me and I've found pretty much everything I need at the 3 sites
referred to. Now I've just got to scare up the dough.

I've decided to go with my old standby Redline 20-50. I've used it for 20+
years in many vehicles and find that other than the price there isn't much
to complain about.


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