[ba] 10-40 or 20-50

Wallace White wallace at stanfordalumni.org
Fri Sep 21 11:29:03 EDT 2001

If I may continue this "unusual" ba-group thread...

I use 15W-40 in my 5kcstq. It's not rated for quite as high temps as
20W-50, of course, but the temp range in the manual looks about right
for around here, year around.

I was once warned against 10W-40 because the viscosity range is so large
(they said you should use 10W-30, 15W-40, or 20W-50 instead). Not sure
if that's just a myth.

And conveniently, 15W-40 comes in gallon containers, because the primary
users are diesel trucks. BA content: Curbside recycling here in Menlo
Park picks up these gallons but not the quarts.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 177k

audion wrote:
> I've always run 20-50 in my Coupe but a couple of years ago when I had a
> mechanic do some work he changed the oil and put in 10-40. I haven't
> discussed it with him but generally trust his opinion.
> Any concesnsus on the list about this.
> BTW, I'm fully up to speed on all aspects of oils so I'm not looking for a
> primer on that, just wondering if there are any ideas on why he might have
> used the 10-40 other than perhaps he didn't have any 20-50 around ;-). I'm
> looking for perhaps a specific tidbit concerning the 5 cylinder engine
> "needing" 10-40 rather than a tip about how viscosities work ;-). Since it's
> the original engine on a 19 year old car I'm leaning heavily to going back
> to 20-50.
> Every couple of years I wash the inside of the engine by doing a change and
> putting in  some Castrol 20-50 and a cheap filter. I run it about 100 miles
> or so and then drain it and change the filter to a high qaulity unit. I've
> usually run Redline.
> I need to change out the "wash" oil today or tomorrow and any tips are
> appreciated.
> M./
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