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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat Sep 22 02:10:03 EDT 2001

Ken writes:
> anyone subscribing to this list that owns the A8 Quattro Metallic Blue? =
> I saw it driving off of whinchester in los gatos near the park with the =
> big airplane in it. driving 50 on a 35mph =3Dp
> i thought those where only avaliable in germany? i never seen one around =
> here before.

They are available in the US, in both A8 4.2 and A8L 4.2 (long wheelbase)
versions with 310hp, as well as the S8 with 360hp.  The only A8 variant
that is *not* available in the US is the new A8L 6.0 W12 with 420hp.
Also, only the Tiptronic transmission is offered on the US models.

The A8 is not a common sight, but not *that* rare in the bay area.

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