[ba] Looking for shock recommendations

audion audion at serversmiths.com
Fri Sep 28 20:10:03 EDT 2001

Checked the archives but there's no search ability.

Since the list-maestro has stated that I can ask my questions on the BA list
I'll wade in again. As it is, I'm on too many lists already and wouldn't
really be able to use a high traffic list anyway (wouldn't be able to keep

I'm still on the stock shocks on my '82 coupe and they're actually pretty
okay to this day.

But I need to R&R the balljoints and the strut bushings so it seems like
it's either now or never for the shocks.

I ride motorcycles and get the bulk of my go-fasty out of my system on them,
so ratcheting up road vibration in the name of better handling is not high
on my list.

That said, I'd obviously like to get the best compromise between ride
comfort/handling. On bikes the Ohlins give the best overall comfort along
with the best overall handling but they come with the big buck price tag.

The Balufen site has Bilsteins for $119. I know of the name but not what
their known characteristics are. I put KYB gas-struts on a Volksie bus years
ago and did not like the increased stiffness.

All tips/advice welcomed.



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