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Well this is definitely pretty impressive but I am wondering if that graph
really depicts reality, i.e. 2 times as much torque at 5600 rpm vs. 4700 rpm
and a "redline" of 7500 then you would need a tight ratio tranny to take
advantage of all of it and you would be doing alot of shifting.  This looks
like the perfect engine to mate to a CVT.  Cruise at 3300 rpm on the highway
and when the throttle gets mashed spin to 5600 rpm and just hold it there
while the tranny adjusts the gearing.  That would be pretty exciting!

Also, I am wondering if you have done any comparisons with the other high HP
cars around here that aren't quite as "peaky" but also don't put out as much
peak power power, is the area under the curve approximately the same from
3500 rpm on?

Definitely the highest numbers I have seen from an I-5 without factory
backing, as far as peaks go.



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Hello everyone, its been a while since my last post Nov 2004, just an update
for any of you that are interested in this ongoing project.

The latest since the 455wheel HP run last fall is a bigger 034EFI T3/T62
turbo with flow for about 700HP at a PR of over 3.2.  We hit the rollers
earlier this week, the result was 516whp and 450.6 wheel TQ.  Boost comes on
at 5krpm and hits with an ungodly force all the way to 7500rpm (depending on
where the revlimiter is).  Acceleration is mindboggling, in 4th and 5th is
slips the SPEC Stage 3 mercilessly, so a clutch upgrade will be in the

The Dyno Plot, no corrections at sea level, ATP Dyno where all my dyno plots
are done (for consistency):

The power is courtesey of an 034EFI T3/T61 turbo with large .82 AR turbine
housing.  Still running a 3" DP and exhaust with 3" Borla muffler, still
running stock 3B IM and throttle body (yes, no Porsche logos here).

Turbine Shot of Turbo:

Compressor Shot of Turbo:

516whp Dyno Run Video:

I also found the limit of the largest of the external CIS pumps, the CIS3
pump (as fit in the 80/90 B3 quattro).  At full boost pressure (30psi), fuel
presure would peak and then begin to drop rapidly, causing the lean
condition towards redline (that you can see on the dyno chart).  Since I'm
already running only 3 BAR fuel pressure (no point in turning up the
pressure, lowering it with larger injectors could be an option if higher
pressures were being run) with #75 injectors. I will be adding a second pump
in parallel to alleviate the condition.  I'll also be using a high flow
aftermarket fuel filter, but you can gather the stock Bosch fuel filter is
good for at least 600HP assuming its not the restricting factor.

Anyhoo, see the fuel pressure drop here!:

Some things we now know pretty well:

-CIS3 fuel pump good to about 475whp running 3BAR.
-SPEC Stage 3 holds up to about 425whp (rated at 550 crank HP).
-205 series RA1's on a 2900lb quattro with about 600 crank HP provide
absolutely no traction in any gear.
-3B intake manifold and throttle body, unmodified, can support well over 500
wheel HP, with no power drop past 7krpm.
-Being able to tune your fuel, ignition, coil dwell times, etc, etc is
essential for making power at these levels (ie: 034EFI Stage IIc ECU)
-Eagle connecting rods support well over 500whp, as well as the stock Audi
block with 83mm JE pistons and ARP head, rod and main studs.  Copper
headgasket with 0-ringed block seems totally unstressed by this sort of
-Bosch copper 7A plugs handily take the abuse of almost 300HP/Liter, so do
the stock 7A plug wires.
-75lb injectors running 40psi base pressure run at almost 95% duty cycle at
516whp, aggrivated by dropping fuel pressure.
-About how Hans Stuck felt accelerating in an S1.
-Lastly, I5 20v's flat out, unabatedly kick ass.

Future plans are to add a second CIS3 fuel pump and go back, I anticipate
another 30-50whp just by correcting the a/f ratio with the proper amount of
fuel.  3-5 more PSI boost should bring output close if not past 600whp.

More about the car at: http://www.80tq.com/20vtMotor.html

All for now, comments and jeers welcome as always.


Javad Shadzi
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