[ba] 82 heads vs. 84+ heads

Michael Heth audion at serversmiths.com
Sat Sep 17 21:33:01 EDT 2005

Say Folks,

I'm thinking of buying an aftermarket ported head for my car that  
came off an 87. It also has a Blauparts cam but it is not the Blau  
head they offer on their site. Anyway the Blau site says their head  
will fit an 84+ engine. On Huw's site he had posted that your could  
do the cheapie head upgrade by finding any 5K engine and snarfing the  
later cam/head for a bolt small-on HP increase.

So, does anyone have any input on why the head may or may not fit/ 
work on an 82 5K motor? This head is claimed o have only 3K miles on  
it from when it was ported/polished etc. and so it seems to me to be  
a cheap way for me to get a top end job and few spare HP.

Any tips/advice is very much appreciated. The current owner has no clue.


Michael Heth

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