[BiturboS4] Repairing a high-speed rated tire.

Michael Kuriger michael at isuzu-mods.com
Thu Jan 2 14:03:04 EST 2003

as long as the puncture is not in the sidewall, or a rip it is fixable.
 do you have any road hazzard warranty over there?


David wrote:

>My tires are Goodyear Eagle F1 225/45-17
>I had recently, when I was traveling in France, my second tire puncture
>since I've got my S4. The first time it happened in Spain, I brought the car
>to a regular "near-the-corner" workshop, and they told me they had to take
>out the tire from the wheel to fix it from the inside, because it was a
>high-speed rated tire. They did it, and no problem since then.
>In France, last week, for my second puncture (it was not the same tire) they
>told me that it couldn't be fixed even this way. It was too risky with that
>kind of tires, they said, and told me that maybe it could be repaired using
>a special method, but not in the regular way (they didn't even look at the
>dead tire, just the speed-rating).
>So, what is the way to fix this tire, and who's right ?
>I guess I don't have to buy a brand new set of tires every time I got a
>David.  1999 S4 Avant Abt - Barcelona - Spain.
>BTW : Happy New Year !
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