[BiturboS4] Anyone have Abt chip?

Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 15 07:10:14 EST 2003

I agree, Mike. I have two friends who have APR and ABT. They got on the highway
and raced and ABT pulled a bit. They put in race gas and ABT pulled even more.
They switched the APR to race program, and it was the biggest difference of the
three by far; APR took off and ABT didn't get nearly the gain. They tried this
in several gears, and from a stop. He was always ragging on APR and touting ABT
but he admitted that if he were going to do race gas, APR was it - hands down.
If not, then ABT was the way to go.

--- mike kuriger <michael at isuzu-mods.com> wrote:
> I would steer clear of anything claiming to auto-adapt.  if that is the
> case, it must continually be advancing the timing to the point of
> detactable and damaging detonation only to back the timing off again.
>  several pre-set programs is the way to go :-D
> Eric Fletcher S.O.C. wrote:
> >You have to ask yourself this question, Why does giac and apr etal make you
> >buy a program for 100 octane gas when the Abt and MTM boxes will auto adapt
> >to the increased octane....

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