[BiturboS4] Turbo whine

Adam Schwartz adamschwartz at rcn.com
Wed Jan 29 01:29:59 EST 2003

Yea, I agree that it is probably nothing... Just thought I would
chime in and ask. See what peeps thought.

Yea, I am changing my oil about every 5k using Mobile 1, 0w-30.. Or
do I have 5w 30 in there...

All I can say is its been damn cold here the last 3 weeks. I dont
blame my Audi for whining. ;-)


>  >DV's dont make noise.  the turbos will whine when they are getting worn.
>>  just a guess!
>It's common that cold turbos whine and it doesn't have to mean that anything
>is wrong. I don't know about KKK K03 in S4, but at least my old K26/27
>hybrid (in urS4) makes almost horrible sound when it's really cold and still
>it's in perfect condition. I think that k03 shouldn't be as noisy, but some
>noise is acceptable. My A6 doesn't seem to make any turbo whine, but it's
>got good oil and has only 16000 miles.
>Btw. how often you guys change your oil and what oil you use? My opinion is
>that forget long lifes and use some castrol etc. and change your oils in
>every 5000-7000 miles.
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