[BiturboS4] Diagnostic software

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Nov 10 19:03:45 EST 2003

Al Adler writes:
>     I've been using a vag-com with the hex-com serial cable from
> rosstech for several months with no complaints. The cable and the
> activatation on the software is a couple of hundred $ but worth it
> considering a good torque wrench is a $100. I've been able to get all
> ...
>     I haven't used any of the competitors to vag-com but I've seen
> comments from professional VAG mechanics that would seem to say its the
> best of the bunch. As for building your own cable it sounds hit or miss
> and you won't get the activated version of the software without almost
> paying for the cable anyway. It seems that many homebuilt cables don't
> work due to poor quality components or  calibration problems and that no
> ...

All valid points.  I would also like to add that by buying vag-com
you can also get the Bentley CD-ROM service manual at half price
via Ross-Tech, so there is another incentive.  Not only that, Uwe
and many very knowledgeable people provide superb support on the
vag-com email list.

No affiliations, just a happy customer.

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