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My (non chipped) Y2k S4 blew 2 TBBs be4 I replaced the stock unit with a SA=
MCO TBB. I did the install myself in about 20-25 minutes (u have to remove =
the DV valves etc.). The SAMCO TBB cost me $55 (USD). MTM also sells a stoc=
k TBB replacement.

If you haven't done so - make sure that upgrade your DVs - very important o=
n a chipped car. I did - Stratmosphere DVs - again u can do it yourself. I =
would not pay dealer prices to replace DVs and a TBB.

In my opinion, the APR bi-pipe is overkill. Take those $$$ and purchase the=
 APR boost gauge - if u don't already have one. That's what u really need o=
n a chipped (or non-chipped) S4. Again, u can install a boost gauge yoursel=
f - just kinda time consuming - but the instructions are on the APR web sit=

Anyone who can replace a battery or change spark plugs can install a boost =
gauge, TBB, or DV valves.


00 Imola S4 Tip (APR Boost Gauge/Stratmosphere DVs/SAMCO TBB/SPP Tip Mod/Mo=
MMo Brake & Gas Pedal - not yet chipped)

86 951 Porsche (too many mods to list - yes, it's chipped - KoKeln)

Adam Schwartz <adam.schwartz at rcn.com> wrote:
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Hello all been a while since I have made a post!

So my 2000 S4 just blew a throttle body boot. I understand this is very
common, especially for chipped cars... which mine is.

My question to you...

How much did it cost to have your TBB replaced at the dealer?

For those of you who have gone with after market parts.. which one did
you choose, and how is it? Do you noticed better performance than stock?

I am looking at the APR biPipe, but I wonder if its worth the cost.

My car has made it to 65k - has been chipped for 20k miles.


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