[BiturboS4] Customized behavior programming

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Sep 10 13:44:45 EDT 2003

Russell Romano writes:
> I have heard that there are many features in my 2000 A6 2.7T that can be cu=
> stomized using the proper equipment.
> I would like my keychain remotes to be able to put the windows (and sunroof=
> ) down when I open the door locks (and hold the button), and also close all=
>  the windows and sunroof when I lock the doors and hold the button.  I beli=
> eve this is possible.

Yes, you can program this using VAG-COM.

> I'd also like my homelink garage door opener to remain functional after the=
>  car is turned off!  It is driving me crazy that the opener shuts off with =
> the car and I can't close the door behind my car after pulling into my gara=
> ge!

Nope, that's not one of the programmable things... :(.

> Ideally, I'd like to see a complete list of everything that can be customiz=
> ed on the car and have it all setup to my liking.  Doesn't anyone know of s=
> uch a list?

All of the "programmable" features are done via coding of individual
control modules.  For instance, the door lock stuff is all done by coding
the "central locking" control module, and there are numerous control modules
that govern the function of various systems in your car (engine, auto-trans,
HVAC, radio, central locking, instruments, ABS, airbag, etc, etc.)
www.audiworld.com and www.ross-tech.com has some info, but to get the full
monty you need to get the CD edition of the Bentley service manual for
your car, and you need the VAG diagnostic scan tool (or equivalent,
such as VAG-COM).

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