[BiturboS4] Fault code help

cox alapointe1 at cox.net
Sat Sep 13 10:14:31 EDT 2003

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Hi all.  I just had my 01 chipped last week.  APR 93 octane program.  Love =
it.  Fault codes have come up since, however.

low voltage term 30 (I understand this is normal for a chipped car and a co=
mmon code)

intermittent misfire cylinder 2

02 (lambda) sensor resistance too high

bank 1 exhaust temp too high

Now, all this to me seems to point to cylinder two misfiring, causing unbur=
nt gas to enter exhaust, increasing temp and messing with the o2 sensor rea=
dings...  I have the vag-com and I watched cylinder two misfire routinely..=
. very cool by the way to be sitting in the car and feel the slightest hicc=
up and then see the results display on the computer as a miss on cylinder t=
wo.  Very different from working on my old 69 roadrunner!  I suppose I'll g=
o through and do the usual, replace the sparkplug... maybe the wire for cyl=
 two, but if anyone has any other suggestions or obvious reasons why these =
codes would be occurring together, I'd appreciate any and all advice.  Than=
ks.  On a side note, I live north of hartford connecticut and anyone around=
 here is welcome to use the VAG-COM tool if they wish.  I'd only ask one co=
ld beverage for payment.

Aaron LaPointe
01 Nogaro blue S4
87 4kcsq
04 BMW R1150GS

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