[BiturboS4] 2000 F hose

Al Adler adlere at sourcecodecorp.com
Sun Sep 14 09:38:51 EDT 2003

Hi all,
    I've heard that the MY 2000 S4's have a part called an "F hose"
thats prone to blowing out under boost. They apparently eliminated it
for later model years due to it being unreliable. I was trying to find
it on my car yesterday and all I could find that looked right was a hose
at the back of the intake manifold that led to the brake booster - is
that it?  If that is I don't see why it blows out - it appears to have
one way vacuum valves to isolate the brake booster so it only sees
vacuum. Has anyone on the list actually ever blown one of these hoses?
    At any rate given that I'm chipping this car I'm looking to replace
the TBB with the AMS Kevlar unit and I was thinking about the Samco F
hose replacement as well. I've considered the APR Bipipe but it seems
like overkill. But if no one actually has blown an F hose I'm not sure
its worth the trouble to actually replace it.

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