[Biturbos4] Brake upgrade / EBC Greenstuff

John Koenig johnkoenig at greennet.net
Thu Dec 2 09:53:20 EST 2004

What I was suggesting was that I seem to have more of a problem with the EBC
pads than with OE.  Suggests to me that maybe the rust on the rotors thing
is somehow related to or influenced by the pad compound, too.

As for feedback on the EBC pads, I forgot to mention that they seem more
unpredicable when cold, especially grabby at low speed, like in traffic.
Could be true of all pads designed to operate under harder driving
conditions.  I remember my old GT-350 actually had a sticker on the dash
warning about problems with cold brakes.  At the time I thought it was
extremely cool!

As you (Keman) are an Audi tech guy, why do you think Audi has so much
trouble with the rusting brake rotor thing?  Doesn't seem to be an
industry-wide problem.  Isn't this a big customer satisfaction issue?


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Subject: Re: [Biturbos4] Brake upgrade / EBC Greenstuff

> Rust on the rotors.  Check em out after it's been parked for a couple of
> days .. you get temporary rough spots that don't necessarily go away with
> just a few stops. All sorts of strange things can happen.
> My S4 did this all the time, luckily it goes away over time and gives you
> a better excuse for you to be the one that drives when you have friends
> over and wanna go somewhere:
> "Lets take my car, I need to get the rust off my rotors before it gets too
> bad."
> On the note of warped rotors- one time I didn't have the time to torque my
> wheels to spec when I rotated tires (can't remember why) so I just blasted
> them on with an impact. Stupid. Within a day I had a bad warp up front at
> highway speed braking. I basically pulled the rotor out of round from
> uneven torquing. Surprisingly.. I retorqued all the lugs and it went away
> after a few days.
> - Keman

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