[Biturbos4] Dealer excuses...

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 3 10:26:26 EDT 2005

Hi all,

My car is at the dealer right now for an pre-sell inspection (at the potential buyer's request), and I thought I'd get them to look at a few other things.

1. Shifter squeaks a little in 1st and 2nd - they couldn't hear the squeak, or course!  They claim these cars are so tight that any bit of vibrations will get transimitted through, that's utterly BS cause it happens even when the car's off!

2. Rattle at the rear suspension - I have Stasis Tracksport coilovers, and this noise has been getting worse over the last year.  It sounds like something is loose when going bumps and rough roads.  I've looked and couldn't find anything, dealer claimed they found the cause, loose rear spring perches.  They said the springs can move freely when the wheel is off the ground.  I don't remember seeing that when I inspected the car myself, and even so there's no way the rear wheels would be completely unloaded under normal driving conditions.  Someone at AW suggests looking at the rear brake pads, if they are not seated properly or if the anti-rattle springs somehow came loose, they they would rattle.  I told my service advisor hopefully they check that out.

3. This it the one that kills me, clicking noise from driver side front window when rolling up/down.  It's not that bad, but you can definitely hear it.  Knowing Audi/VW's history with crappy power window design, I just know it's gonna fail soon after the noise started to show.  Well the dealer heard it, after taking off the door panel off, they claim my tint is causing the now thicker windows to rub or something like that and they can't warranty it because of the tint.  I was at work yesterday when they called and I didn't quite grasp the ridiculousness of their so-called explanation until I got home last night.  I mean can they come up with a lamer excuse?!

I'll have to have a better talk with my service advisor and probably the tech when I go pick up the car today, this is just plain stupid.  This makes me wonder of the whole point of warranty (I have till end of November), and I'm loosing faith for my local dealer even more.

Sorry for the rant, any comments are welcome.

'01.5 S4 - maybe gone soon
'90 CQ - old faithful

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