[Biturbos4] 2000 S4 Running Hot

costco keman at interwolf.net
Tue Aug 30 11:56:04 EDT 2005

> The point of my post was that 1) these engines are actually quite tough

I will second that. The 2.7T has the bottom end of the 2.5L diesel that's
never quite made it here from overseas. Think: 20-22:1 compression ratio,
insane combustion pressures, etc. Oil spray cooled pistons, an oil system
that varys it's output depending on pressure, etc. These engines are built
like brick $hit houses. :)

If not for gas prices as they are, I'd be more interested in buying a used
B5 S4. For now though, that thought's on pause while I play with friends
TDI Jetta's who are slowly but surely getting to be as fast as my B6 S4
with relatively minor modifications.

Said Jetta just got 62 mpg @ 62 mph steady cruising, and drove from
Alexandria, VA to Toronto, Canada.. with plenty of gas in the tank to
spare. He gets 1000 miles to a tank if he babys it, makes his own
biodiesel using french fry oil from restaurants, and laughs at me when I
get 211 miles to a tank when at 211 miles, his needle is just starting to
lift off of FULL.

Yes ... it's definitely time to start considering alternate fuel sources.

Luckily the B5 S4 can get very reasonable gas mileage even when driven

My B6 gets 25mpg if I put a brick under the gas pedal and use cruise
control 100% of the time for long trips on the highway at 75mph. For city
driving I get 18, if it includes stop and go it gets 15, and 100% stop and
go with the A/C in the heat lands me 12 mpg. Yes, 12 mpg. :(

My dream car:

A4 Wagon, 3.0L V6 TDI (twin turbo), 6-speed manual, sport suspension

All these items exist and mate with each other. Just getting it here in
the US.. argh.

In other news... audi is tossing around the idea of a new TDI (Diesel) V8
RS4. >:) If gas tops $5/gallon, the demand will be there for it...

- Keman

> Grant

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