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Wed Aug 31 14:12:06 EDT 2005

No offense Hank - but NO WAY is a stock B5-S4 around 300 HP!
If you have VAG-COM software  - u can do a VAG run - and log your S4's MAF readings. A "rough" rule of thumb states that MAF readings are equivalent to 80% of HP.
The BEST MAF readings that I could achieve with my heavily modified S4 (stage 2++) which is a tad below having K04 turbos was 272 g/s (grams/sec). That's approximately 340 HP. If I didn't have the HOT BREATHING EVOMS K&N Intake - I would proably yield slightly better nbrs. 
I can't think of STOCK (non-chipped) S4s running anywhere near those type of MAF readings - based on my 4 year trolling of AudiWorld and this list.  If u want to say that a stock S4 is around 260 - 265 HP (like the Euro nbrs) - ok - but 300 HP - I beg to differ!

Henry Nisiewicz <hjn0316 at earthlink.net> wrote:

All of which assumes that the B5 S4 has just 250 hp.

Making comparisons in performance between the B5 A4 with the 2.8 l V-6, and
the B5 RS-4, along with comparisons of other early 2000-1 cars with
comparable horsepower and weight, leads me to believe that Audi understated
the horsepower at 250. It probably is closer to 300 or 300+. I've also
gotten some unofficial agreement from people within Audi on that issue over
the past several years.


'91 CQ
'01 S4

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