[Biturbos4] Battery Vent Tube

Grant gfl1 at optonline.net
Sun Mar 13 18:44:07 EST 2005

Sounds like the right place, but I just found the tube itself.
Do you need me to take off the firewall cover and look?  Might be next 
week, since I fly out of town in the am.

On Mar 13, 2005, at 5:58 PM, Stephenson wrote:

> Thanks for your help, guys,
> I suppose could raise hell with Sears, but I can easily see that as 
> taking
> more effort than just doing it myself, which is what I should have 
> done in
> the first place.  It was bad enough just getting them to go out to 
> their
> battery pile to see if they had disposed of it yet.
> With that in mind, I went out to the car this afternoon to pull the 
> battery
> and see what I could find.  This time I noticed a small hole in a 
> rubber
> boot that looks like it might what I'm looking for.  Shining a light
> underneath the car, I can see that it goes all the way through.  It is 
> on
> the drivers side of the battery, just in front of a flexible vent hose 
> that
> goes into the dash.  Does this sound familiar?
> Bob
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> If I remember correctly (from last fall), that venting just sort of
> disappears into the nether regions behind and/or below the battery 
> tray.  I,
> too, just spliced the new battery's vent to the existing vent line.  
> I'm
> pretty sure you don't have a prayer of replacing it as OE without at 
> least
> removing the battery.  Any chance of raising hell with Sears?  They 
> clearly
> did it wrong.
> --John
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> The Diehard has the vent hose that is supposed to attach to the 
> existing
> vent line, but the problem is that the existing vent line was removed 
> with
> the old battery and not replaced.  What I'm left with is the new 
> battery
> vent tube with a plastic adaptor and nothing to connect to.  I called 
> the
> local Audi to see if I could order another vent line, and was told 
> that they
> had never heard anyone ask for that before.  So I purchased some 
> plastic
> tubing to fashion a new one, but it wasn't obvious where it was 
> supposed to
> go by looking at it.  I'm just looking for an idea before I get into 
> it.
> Thanks for responding.
> Bob
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