[Biturbos4] Decreasing Cluth Stiffness--How?

paleotm at bellsouth.net paleotm at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 12 18:06:37 PST 2007

I finally went from a 97 A4 to a 01 S4, but since I'm old and beat up, the firm clutch is causing me nerve problems in my left hip. I get in the A4, whose clutch is light as a feather in comparison, and have no problem.

Here are the ideas I've heard:

aftermarket clutch (but wouldn't they be even firmer?)
lengthen clutch arm (i don't think possible)
use 8 cyl. master cylinder (will it fit?would that lighten it at the peddle?)

I've spoken with a few mechanics and have heard all stock S4 clutches are stiff (I would never notice it if my back wasn't screwed up), so I figure someone has figured this one out.


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