[Es2] Wheel opinions wanted.

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Thu Apr 22 18:48:01 EDT 2004

Hi guys..

So.. I am in the process of attempting to sell my brock b1's.  They are certainly a nice wheel. They look great I love the stance but they are impractical. First they are 13et, secondly they don't even clear my wilwoods with out spacers( most likely I am going to sell wilwoods and go with the MIktip(audiworld member) porsche setup. Third I think they are going to rub, I allmost know for a fact they will rub.  In the land of pro's and con's I have a list of con's.  

SO options:

I did a bunch of research and I can source O.Z. Ford focus Rs wheels at 18inch by 8 inch with a 42et for $225.


42et I possibly can get a way with, but seemingly I would need spacers.

Then there's this option: 


This kid Nick on audiworld...
is interested in my rims.. That black audi 90 is his..  He interested in buying but he also mention some type of trade for his wheels.

They are racing hart 18/7.5. I can't commit to 7.5 thought. I know they are 18s thought. They seem like a nice wheel, Some one I mentioned too said they looked "Rice". I am tempted to say that they are not, and definately look in the bbs type territory.  I think these particular wheels sell for around $315 a piece, so either your getting screwed for looks or they could be a nice wheel at least I hope so for $315.00. 

In a world of wheels and rims.. what's a half inch difference going to do? beyond not allow me to use too wide of a tire.  They are fitted with 225/40/18s, tires I don't know yet but I am waiting for another reply.  I was going to fit 225/40/18s to the ford Rs wheels.. So I don't see .5inches as a big deal.  I want to have alot of fun in this coupe and not worry.  This is something I can't do with my current setup.

So your opinions are apprecative..


P.s.  Isn't the focus rims a great deal.  $225 for oz wheels.  The company is legit btw and sells alot of mustang parts. They easily will clear porsche brakes.

Nice big pic of the O.Z. wheels:

Something like these, I think are a great allternative to swaping to 5/112



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