[Es2] eS2 Sedan Rally Car

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Thu Feb 5 10:17:39 EST 2004

Yes, I've been helping out a bit on the car.  These pictures must have 
been taken in the last couple of days.  The car WILL be running Saturday 
or Sunday, as he is taking it to Steamboat to drive on the ice track 
there Monday and Tuesday.   He still has the exhaust, wiring, fuel cell 
plumbing and brakes to finish, along with some odds and ends.  I have a 
feeling that I will be at the shop on Sat. working on wiring.

As for details, it has an AAN with tubular header, oil cooled Garrett 
turbo (no water),  Wagner Tuning intake manifold,  BIG intercooler with 
custom end tanks (beautiful fabrication), custom plumbing, solid motor 
mounts with fabricated rear transmission mounts (no longer mounts to 
subframe, and no need for front snubber), 016 transmission with custom 
shifter and permanently locked center diff,  Dual brake master cylinders 
with remote bias bar adjustment (custom made).  For Steamboat it will 
use 15x6 Ronal wheels (from my ur q) with Hakka Q tires.  It also has a 
full roll cage and lexan rear windows.  Brendan and crew (his roommate 
and master welder Brooks, friends and other members of the CU Formula 
SAE team) have been working on it for the last two weeks on nights and 
weekends to get it ready.  Up until a a couple of weeks ago, it was just 
a painted shell with the cage.  It's a very aggressive schedule, but it 
will get done in time for Steamboat.


Jimmy Pribble wrote:

>Discovered another conversion, though it's more like what I'm doing:
>It belongs to Brendan Rudack.  Anybody have any other information on this
>Jimmy P.
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