[Es2] eS2 Sedan Rally Car

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Thu Feb 5 13:49:11 EST 2004

Hey guys,

I've been following this post this morning, and I sympathize with you both.
What set out to be a six month project, the e//S2 conversion is now solidly
situated within my "5 year plan". All kidding aside, I too hope to have mine
complete by summer. It sure is a lot of work. I commend those who have the
stamina and know-how to do it in two weeks!


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> Jimmy,
> Hey, I have kidded Brendan about being able to finish the rally car in
> two weeks too.  Brendan has been confident the whole time and it's
> really coming together.  Letting me work on it will likely add six
> months to the project. :)
> Yes, the Grand Canyon was probably formed in less time than it will take
> me to finish it.  Hopefully my grand kids will see it completed.  In
> fact, seeing that my daughter is 3 now, I am reasonably confident that
> my grandchildren will see it completed.  It really has nothing to do
> with patience.  The real problem is how damn picky I am and how little
> time I have given it the last few years.
> As an update, I just found a RR ur q carpet and exhaust, so now I can
> cut the floor and put in the pieces from the RR ur q floor that I have.
> Sooo, to actually start putting my car back together, I just need to get
> the misc. used suspension parts blasted and painted/coated, get a big
> box of bolts, brackets, etc. plated, modify the floor (easier than it
> sounds), finish painting the underbody and trunk interior, weld in the
> brackets for the ABS ECU and charcoal cannister (so much for getting all
> of the welding done before paint), and make some lines for the brake
> master to proportioning valve and ABS pump.  The complete RR wiring is
> ready to go, the fuel and brake lines are done, the engine just needs a
> little detailing, the trans is new ready to bolt up, hydraulic system is
> all new/rebuilt,  brakes are ready, the interior is ready, etc.  Hmmm, I
> should get going...  Honestly, if I were to put in the time, I am sure
> that I could get my car on the road in two weeks as well.  Was that just
> a quiet "Yeah, riiight Steve" that I just heard? :)
> Steve
> Jimmy Pribble wrote:
> > Thanks again, Steve.  I hope I didn't sound negative with my
> > "seriously aggressive" comment; I wasn't being dubious.  I'm very
> > impressed when projects can come together quickly like that.  I wish I
> > could have done that.  I always used the BigMouse project (3B + Audi
> > 80 in 11 days or so) to try to motivate my crew, the Fluhr brothers.
> > "Come on guys, we look like chumps.  This guy is practically a
> > teenager and he did it by himself in two weeks!" I would say.  "Bah,"
> > said Eric, "Your car will take two years."  And sure enough, he was
> > right.  :-(
> >
> > Of course, that's nothing compared to the UrQ RR project, which
> > progresses on a seemingly geological scale.  ;-)  I don't know how you
> > do it.
> >
> > Jimmy "has the patience of a cocaine monkey" Pribble
> >
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