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I'm jealous of your track time! You don't know how badly I'm itching to take
mine for its first drive, let alone its first lap!
On the oil cooler...I managed to get my hands on an RS2 cooler, complete
with ducting and lines. It's quite a bit larger than the S2 unit and
waaaaaay bigger than the stock 200 cooler. Something you might want to
consider. I like it because it's Audi and it fits really nicely behind the
S2 bumper.
By the way, can I have "first dibs" on the jamex front brace????


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> Geez, I know that your guys like to hang out on other forums where you can
> post pictures.....
> but its a ghost town here!
> I took the CQ (still with stock 7A) to Lime Rock Park last week for the
> Northeast Audi Club driver education event.
> I was in the Blue run group, which was made up of a mix of the following
> cars...Cooper S, G35, chipped A4s, 911, 930!!, M coupe, M3s, 328, S4tts,
> S2000....and an RS6 for good measure.
> Try as I might, 162 hp with 3300 lbs just didn't cut it in the straight
> The first day was extremely hot....outside temp indicator was 108 F in the
> hot pits...Needless to say, my oil temps were 130-135 C most of the day.
> was running over 6000 RPM often in 3rd gear....tried to run in 4th to keep
> the RPMs lower, but 3rd seemed to be the better gear, RPMS not
> withstanding.  (K&N cone, SS airbox, and scorpion airbox may have helped a
> bit  at those RPMS)
> The Ron Davis double core radiator that I got through Javad Shadzi did a
> great job of cooling the engine...but those oil temps make me want to run
> larger than stock oil cooler once I do the conversion.   wasn't Josh
> looking into a diesel oil cooler that matched the stock oil lines?
> Meanwhile, my S2 engine is still at TJMMotosport being rebuilt - P&P and
> rebuild the head. Bottom end came back from the hot tank/machine shop in
> spec, so changes there will be limited to new rings, crank and rod
> bearings, AAN windage tray, etc...the RS2 EM is going to be the major
> component cost driver, but now is the time to do that...I plan to at least
> initially run the K24, but will also look into a 3inch downpipe (Matt
> said that his 2Bennet 3 inch downpipe and exhaust really let his k24
> breathe much better).
> More questions from my track session....and looking forward to further
> modifications to the chassis and suspensions as a result -
> CQ is running Koni externally adjustable front and adjustable rears
> (yellows) stock ( Isprings and 205/55/16 Dunlop SP 8000 tires.  Even with
> 42-44lbs air (hot) in the front drivers tire, I had significant roll-over
> on the tread (over the letters!!!) Lime Rock is 1 left hander and 5 right
> hand turns.  Some of the rollover is likely to poor entry and exit from
> turns (need more track time!!!), but also due to chassis flex.  Part of
> eS2 conversion will include moving the battery and installation of the B4
> front upper stress bar and  Jamex rear stress bar.
> which means that my front Jamex and D&W bars will be available..
> I will likely go to 300# springs from Dick Shine Racing and Bilstein
> Brakes?  dont need no stinking brakes on this track with so little hp...in
> fact I'm still running the stock ATE disks that Bob D'Amato crossdrilled
> for me and repco metal master pads, installed in 1997....but the new motor
> will need something better than the G60s...will have to look at options as
> I currently have 2 sets of 16 inch 4x108 rims....5 bolt conversion is ways
> IC and bumper options?  I have an S2 IC, but no crossover pipe or bumper.
> Plan (at least in my head still) is stock bumper, B4 or fabbed cross
> member, and an Isuzu NPR truck intercooler - then I have to look at either
> plumbing the IC into the stock IM, or perhaps a modified AAN IM....
> comments?
> -Peter
> Peter Schulz
> 1990 CQ (perpetually awaiting S2 3b engine transplant)
> 1991 200 20v TQW indigo mica
> 1991 200 20v TQW titanium grey
> Chelmsford, MA USA
> peter at audifans.com
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