[Es2] Fuel Fitting enigma

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Thu Apr 2 08:13:11 PDT 2009

I have searched now for days for what should be a trivial part.  I am trying to mate
fuel rail from 200Q20V to Coupe Q with formerly 7A engine.  Most of the other Audis all
have two fuel connections to and from the tank that are 14mm X 1.5 "inverted" flare or
ball flare.  In this case however, one line is 16mm x 1.5 same type of fitting.  It is
the type shown  here: http://web.mit.edu/kcedrone/www/mefi/plumbing_ID.pdf  but the NUT
is  M16x1.5 thread instead of 14mm. 

I was hoping to find a single fitting to minimize connections - a fitting that would
adapt the 16mm fitting to the 14mm line to the fuel rail.  The fitting would have a 16mm
X1.5 inverted flare (female) on one side and a 14mm x 1.5 male flare  on the other.

The closest solution I have found so far is a 16mm Female metric with O-ring to -6 AN.
I'd then have to convert back to 14mm flare using no less than 3 fittings in-between or
having to make up a custom line.  None of this will be as slick or safe as the nice
braided SS factory lines with single adaptor in between.

I looked at many of the good sources that were provided and really not finding an
obvious solution.  There is probably a shop that handles esoteric Bosch fittings like
what I'm looking for.  I must have 100's of different adaptors in my bins and even one
that is close - only it is 14mm female, not 16mm.  Some other adaptors I have are
flat-faced or tube, so don't think this is ideal for a positive seal.

Without going into further details, I'm hoping someone has an ideal fitting I'm looking
for or knows where to get one.  



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