[Es2] Fuel Fitting enigma

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Thu Apr 2 10:16:52 PDT 2009

Perhaps I am missing that hard line - I think I may have given it to a friend who is
doing similar conversion - he got the 7A fuel rail, etc.

Anyone have this line? An extra that is.

Also, was going to check, but it looks like I may be getting the lines confused.  I had
assumed the larger fitting was feed from tank to rail and smaller to the FPR, but looks
like I may have them backwards.  Makes no difference in my predicament however.


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Ben, I am running 3B intake and 3B fuel rail on my 7A Coupe. Youa re right, the 2 lines
on the Coupe are different size, but, you should be able to use a 3B line -- the long
one that connects to the front of the rail(feed?), and then 7A line from the hard line
on the firewall to the fuel pressure regulator. From the FPR, you can again use that
curvy little 3B line and connect to the rear of the rail. 

It worked for me. Here's the only picture I have of my engine bay from some time ago...I
can snap a newer one..


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Maybe you can help Ben Swann with this?


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I have searched now for days for what should be a trivial part.  I am trying to mate
fuel rail from 200Q20V to Coupe Q with formerly 7A engine.  Most of the other Audis all
have two fuel connections to and from the tank that are 14mm X 1.5 "inverted" flare or
ball flare.  In this case however, one line is 16mm x 1.5 same type of fitting.  It is
the type shown  here:
 but the NUT
is  M16x1.5 thread instead of 14mm.

I was hoping to find a single fitting to minimize connections - a fitting that would
adapt the 16mm fitting to the 14mm line to the fuel rail.  The fitting would have a 16mm
X1.5 inverted flare (female) on one side and a 14mm x 1.5 male flare  on the other.

The closest solution I have found so far is a 16mm Female metric with O-ring to -6 AN.
I'd then have to convert back to 14mm flare using no less than 3 fittings in-between or
having to make up a custom line.  None of this will be as slick or safe as the nice
braided SS factory lines with single adaptor in between.

I looked at many of the good sources that were provided and really not finding an
obvious solution.  There is probably a shop that handles esoteric Bosch fittings like
what I'm looking for.  I must have 100's of different adaptors in my bins and even one
that is close - only it is 14mm female, not 16mm.  Some other adaptors I have are
flat-faced or tube, so don't think this is ideal for a positive seal.

Without going into further details, I'm hoping someone has an ideal fitting I'm looking
for or knows where to get one.


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