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Section:  Cars
Title:    Re; don't buy the v8 from kurt
Price:    1.00
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Date:     December 08, 2008
Contact:  Kurt
Email:    audicaos at hotmail.com
Phone:    216-456-4568


I've tried to keep this civil, but you keep bad-mouthing me about this V8 on the public forum.  To tell you the truth, I wasn't going to say anything because misery loves company, but my better judgement got the best of me.  If you are going to tell world what happend tell the whole story and stop looking for pity.  

If I don't sell it, then I don't.  I like the car.  If you want the car back, you can have it.  Just give me the money that I invested into it.  You forgot to mention that you did not disclose that the car had a Salvaged title from MASS. nor did you tell me that you DID NOT register the car although you bought the car in September of 08 and I bought the car 7 months later.  I talked to the original owner and now I know the reason why he called you a crackpot.  Please tell these people that the car sat at Bill's Automotive in Hartford, CT because they refused to replace the motor because it had a salvaged sticker on the pillar for 2 weeks before I paid an additional 560.00 to get it transported to Cleveland.  Tell them that you had 2 weeks to get your wheels out of the car while it sat in CT but just like you going to get the car registered after 7 months you were too half-baked and lazy to go get your wheels.  I can't get the car titled because you never registered the car in your
name "Doofus Air Express!"  I have never met you nor have I ever been to CT.  I refuse to give you the rest of your money because you DID NOT TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH about the car until the title was in my hand and I questioned you about it.  If I wanted a car that I could not drive I would have bought a model or a DuPont Registry!  You are so FOS and I am sorry that I got involved with your punk ass.  It is $250.00.  I Piss 250.00.  It is the principle that you did not disclose the important facts about the car before I sent you the money.  I'd say that we are even.  By the way I faxed over a copy of the Bill of Sale and Copy of the Title to the CT PD.  Please tell them that I have a case of Red Bull and a pair of Browns Tix when they come to visit.  They need to have some fun when they come down.  If you want pity, ask your Mom if your room is still the same way you left it when she kicked you out and pay a visit.  If you want an audiance go teach third grade public school.

I don't care being called a loser.  I've been that all my life.  I will not stand being called a liar or a thief.  If it continues to happen my attorney will be getting involved.  

Watch your Mouth!

By the way, if you need more info please contact myself or Nuugen at nuugen at aol.com


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