[Marketplace] Parts: DUH FMIC audi b5 s4 rs4 twin tur

tim sias marketbot at audifans.com
Wed Jul 15 11:11:27 PDT 2009

Section:  Parts
Title:    DUH FMIC audi b5 s4 rs4 twin tur
Price:    900.00
Location: nh

Date:     December 07, 2008
Contact:  tim sias
Email:    ttsampson at hotmail.com
Phone:    6034910319


 am sellign my used DUH FMIC,  it has served me quite well but the car is gone and i wont be needing this anymore,  I originally paid over $2200 for this kit. 


unlike all other fmic kits, this unit will fit completely behind a stock s4 bumper or rs4 bumper, with the grill mesh and supports installed!!!  no other kit fits this well / clean,

 also the elimination of so many boost leak points by having the complete hard piping rather than the cheap piping "kits" that are just a bunch of angles and couplers, not fitting well and having many possible places for boost leaks.  

get this kit at a major bargain!!!! over 60% off retail

 There is no other front mount intercooler that has the IAT cooling of this core.  Your front bumper will need to be modified to fit the core, 

I also have a modded front bumper support that i can include for another $150, this will save you have to cut your bumper and allows you to uninstall it if you were to so desire.


I am including in the auction price

front mount intercooler

all 4 hardpipes

silicone connectors and clamps to seal the system together.


FOR $150 EXTRA  i can include the modified front bumper support

   DUH Audi S4 FMIC  

Replace both the factory S4 side mounts with a larger front mount. Using stock ICs (designed for 10psi) with a chipped ECU requesting TWICE the stock boost raises turbo outlet (T-out) to 200°F over ambient. Stock ICs lack both the surface area and mass to maintain a safe intake air temperature (IAT). The ECU cuts power by retarding timing, reducing boost, and running rich to reduce EGT or knock, each time it senses just high IAT, DUH. 

Anytime your S4 is in heavy traffic, stopped at a light, or under heavy load, your S4 side mounts become âinter-heatersâ. Only after driving continuously off boost above 35mph (45mph on tight finned RS4 cores) for 3-7 minutes will IAT drop low enough for ignition timing and performance to return, DUH. 

This FMIC increases power with drastically cooler IAT mostly at mid to high RPM where the stock IC is overwhelmed by 200°F over ambient T-out. Enhanced knock resistance yields improved engine torque from more ignition advance, even on pump gas. Cooler IAT yields denser A/F charge which means more O2 is burned per engine cycle which improves the engines volumetric efficiency, DUH

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