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Wed Sep 6 08:03:35 EDT 2000

Unka Bart wrote:

> > However, this is an Audi ng, and all this talk of big cube v-8's is making
> > me wonder how much redneck I actually have in me.  Maybe when i get older
> > I'll figure out a way to put two audi inline fives together to make a
> > 4.5liter V-10.

I've seen a website, and may even have it bookmarked, where someone took two
Wankel rotary engines and joined them at the crank. He used two chain drive
gears and a motorcycle chain. One gear on the front of one engine and one gear
on the back of the other, with the chain hooked over both of them. If space
weren't a limitation, I think a good CV joint would work better.

> The new issue of AutoWeek (hot out of my snailbox a mere 2 hours ago),
> tells us that the new W12 will be unveiled at the Paris  auto show, *this*
> month, under the hood of a new A8.  "The compact, all-alloy, direct
> injection gasoline 6.0-liter delivers about 450 hp, plenty of reserve over
> the 360 hp ["DUH!" ed.] found in the performance S8 (itself due on US
> shores early next year as a late 2001 model)."
> Sounds like two VR-6s, conjoined at the crank, to yer kindly ol' Unk...

Probaby is, they've been talking about doing that for years, all sorts of
variations possible, W12, W10(two VR5 engines). The 18 cylinder in the Bugetti
show car is actually 3 VR6s joined at the crank.

> Question: What is the difference between Rush Limbaugh, and the Hindenburg?
> Answer:  Well, sure, "both" the Hindenburg and the exquisitely lovely and
> svelt Mr. Limbaugh *are* a couple of well known, flaming nazi-gasbags; but
> of the two, *only* the Lovely Mr. Limbaugh has his own radio show.

Alternate answer: One is a flaming Nazi gasbag, the other is just a dirigible.
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