Oil cooler hoses

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 12 22:15:18 EDT 2001

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> Dave Aukerman wrote:
> >
> > A great butt saver is to keep a couple of hose clamps in the car for
> > tightening the lines.
> Now he tells me. I'll add a few to my emergency roadside repair kit.
> Why is it the stuff I have in my repair kit I never seem to need?
> It's like having an umbrella on a cloudy day; it never rains.
That's because you keep adding the stuff to fix the problem you just had,
Kent. But, hey, that problem's fixed. What you need to do is add the stuff
to fix the problem you are going to have next. When you figure out how to
predict it, let me know... :o)

Fred Munro (who used to carry a repair kit to fix past problems - until he
started driving these reliable Audis)
'94 S4

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