what pressure to run Yokohama Advan A032R? ? ?

Tessie McMillan tessmc at drizzle.com
Fri Jul 13 10:05:45 EDT 2001

I have a new set of 205/50 x 15 (for a 15 x 7 rim) Yokohama Advan A032R that
have been heat-cycled, but I haven't driven on them yet. Tomorrow is their
first track day. It looks to be cloudy in the morning, but hot during the
day (by *my* standards at least, since I can't stand anything above 65!).

I could have sworn I saw a website (which, at the time I paid no attention
to) recommending good starting tire pressures for this tire for competition.
I can't find anything on TireRack.com or Yokohamatire.com.

On street tires, I usually start with 43 cold all around (it works, really!
!). I am not sure where to start with a comp. tire. Should I start at a
street pressure (32 to 34) or should I jack up into the 40s?

Please reply directly to me, as I may not receive the next digest today.

Thanks for your help!


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