Odometer Disassembly (4kq)

StaticNiche_Quattro StaticNiche_Quattro at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 14 02:17:23 EDT 2001

I'm having a hard time explaining the part I'm talking about because I dont
know the real name of any of the parts.  I dont mean the needle itself.  I
mean the little metal shaft that the needle gets pried off of.  This pin has
a little spiral spring attached to it which prevents me from sliding the
casing over the pin.

> just pry the needle off the end of the pin with a flat screwdriver.
> There should be an alignment mark at the lower edge of the face located
> a little bit ccw from the stop that helps to get it back on correctly.
> good luck
> Luke
> > StaticNiche_Quattro wrote:
> >
> > Hey list,
> >
> > I've been fixing major problems on my car and am finally down to the
> > minor ones that I can do myself.  What I'm trying to fix is the
> > odometer.  It is stopped at a "99" which suggests that a gear is
> > slipping.  I need to open it up and fix it.  I've got the odometer out
> > but I can't take it apart enough to get to the gears, I'm afraid I'll
> > break the little shaft that the speedometer needle was connected to.
> > I can unscrew the 4 screws on the plastic odometer case, but I cant
> > pull it open enough to get inside to the gears because the metal pin
> > that goes to the speedometer needle wont let me slide the cover off
> > over it. Is there a way to remove that pin without breaking it? Or is
> > there some other trick I'm overlooking?
> > Any help is appreciated, thanks.
> > -Dan
> > '85 4kq
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> Luke Rickert
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