what effect does strut-tower brace have on '88 80 Quattro? (and other stuff)

Alexander van Gerbig Audi_80 at email.msn.com
Sun Jul 15 20:15:06 EDT 2001

    From what I gather the strut brace on the TYP89 is all but useless.
I've heard it helps a bit, but the strut braces are really an improvement on
the older 4000 chassis.  I've heard lots of good stories about strut braces
increasing stiffness.  Several people I have talked to about the B4 OEM
strut brace install on the TYP89 have said they noticed almost no difference
at all.  I still have all the parts for the strut brace install here, but no

    Maybe you are turning harder one way.  Talk to Huw about that topic.  It
is true that people do have a tendency to turn harder to the left than the
right.  You may also be going into the turn faster when going to the left,
it's so much more comfortable feeling turning to the left since your are on
the inside of the turn.   Though you could also have a problem with the car
itself, out of alignment or something is bent?

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