wheel bearing replacement

StaticNiche_Quattro StaticNiche_Quattro at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 16 18:16:00 EDT 2001

I just had a wheel bearing replaced this week on my 4kq.  It took him 2
hours to do it.  He told me it wouldnt have taken nearly as long if it wasnt
a quattro.  I dont know if 2 hours is typical, but thats what it took my

-Dan R.
'85 4kq

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> How much time does it take to replace a front wheel bearing on an '89
> 200?  I have one that's getting quite noisy, and I've been getting
> quite a variation in estimates from the local shops, anywhere from 1
> to 3 hours.  I'd do it myself, but I've been told that the bearing is
> pressed in, and I don't have the equipment to do that, or the time,
> either.  Although, if it's a fairly simple procedure, maybe I can
> find someone to simply change the bearings, and I can do the assembly.
> Calvin Krug

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