'89 200T: Low Oil Pressure warning

Barton Oleksy barto at nait.ab.ca
Thu Jul 19 22:00:00 EDT 2001

William Ng wrote:

>  From the archives and websites with relevant info regarding oil pressure
> of a type 44, especially a 200T, if you are having low pressure readings,
> first suspect the oil filter you have installed. Anything but an Audi spec
> filter wil cause a drop in pressure. The 200T's filter is designed for
> higher flow rates.  After I bought my '90 200q, I replaced the
> oil/filter...the PO had installed a FRAM, the worse filter on the market.
> After fresh oil and an Audi filter, pressure shot back up to where it
> should be. The gauge showed almost 1 Bar higher at speed than previously,
> and about 2 Bar at idle. Also, the Bentley indicated the 200T should be
> running a higher viscosity oil in the warmer weather. 10W30 may be too thin
> if temps reach 70*F in your part of CA.  I'm running Castrol Syntec blend
> 20W-50.

Wil, thanks for that.  I do indeed have an Audi-spec filter with the back-flow
valve thingie.  Not sure about the higher flow rate deal, though...

The second shop also mentioned 20W50, but the first shop dude said that it
should be OK, and that if a switch to 20W50 makes a difference, there's still
something not quite right in there somewhere.

The temperature is pretty much always over 70 deg. F during the day now...but
shouldn't this still happen in the winter when the engine temp gets to normal
operating ranges as well?  Like I said, it only happens when the engine's hot,
and I believe it maxes out at the same temp in the winter...

I'm certainly willing to switch to 20W50 if it'll fix the problem, but there's
certainly no guarantee that it'll solve it.  Any other ideas?


> At 10:32 PM 7/19/2001, you wrote:
> >I'm talking about the computer display of an oil can, which the manual
> >says is a warning of low oil pressure.
> >
> >We had this on the '89 200T about 2 months ago or so - only happened
> >when the engine was warm, and only when idling (say at a stop light) or
> >perhaps as we would come to a stop.  Local shop replaced an oil pressure
> >switch of some kind, and the problem went away.
> >
> >NOW IT HAS RETURNED!  Same local shop confirmed replacement of this
> >switch (with a new one).  Asked about oil, figured it was probably still
> >5W30 from winter, so they did an oil change to 10W30.  Problem *seemed*
> >a little better at first, but now is still doing the same thing.
> >
> >If I come to a stop but pop it into neutral and keep the RPMs up a bit
> >(means braking with left foot - yikes), the light doesn't come on.
> >That's no way to drive, of course.
> >
> >Local shop thinks maybe the dual oil sending unit (I'm just passing this
> >along, don't know more details than that).
> >
> >Another shop thought there were TWO switches (one ground, one open) so
> >it could be one of those, maybe only replaced one earlier...?  Or else
> >something more major like the crank bearing is no good or missing or
> >something...which means a pretty big repair job, apparently.
> >
> >Any other thoughts?  Or more details needed?  Thanks for any and all
> >advice/suggestions...
> >
> >Bart
> >'86 CGT
> >'89 200T
> >'91 200Q
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