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Tue Jul 24 00:03:16 EDT 2001

As Larry started off, it was definitely a better Waterfest than last

Better turnout, I think (nicer weather helped as well).

I noticed a lot more Audis in the parking lot as well as on the show
car lot. Of course, they were nearly all A4/S4s, with a very loud
Ginster Yellow Cabriolet and a nice clean Pearl White CQ as the exceptions,
along with a heavily-modified 4ktq in Nogaro Blue.

I didn't pay as much attention to the Golfs this year, but an A2 w/ VR6
conversion is still on my wishlist.

The two 5ktqs were a riot- 14.03 at 98+ mph out of one of these cars is
absolutely amazing. Along with 1.8s 60 ft. times, matching what a well-
launched S4tt is capable of, on Michelin XGT Vs, no less. The one brother
claimed a 13.7s 1/4 is doable on slicks. Now if I had only kept my 5ktq....
The one guy was eliminated by an Imola Yellow S4tt running a race program
chip w/ 100+ octane race fuel.

Drag racing may not be what I think Audis are about, but seeing how fast
5ktq went was really fun.

Nothing much available for the older Audis, but I did compile a nice list
of things to get, after seeing some of the stuff in person:

Kahn RS-R or RS-S wheels, in 17x8" just for the way they look
Custom stainless 3" exhaust system
Mocal or Setrab compact oil cooler
Custom intercooler

I found a pretty competent-looking performance shop that's very near my
so I can get a lot of this stuff done for far less than I'd imagined.

Was that Steve Ankney? I'm terrible with names, didn't get a chance to talk
because we just started moving when he walked by.

I'm waiting for my suspension and wheels to come in- then I can try to
run down a couple S4tts just to see how my car can compare. Then I'll end up
going down the long path that the Colorado S-Car Mafia have gone down. :-)

Then again, if I'm pushing 350hp out of my 200q, I'm going to drive around
a huge grin on my face.

'91 200q (awaiting upgrades, jealous of the shiny new S4tts at Waterfest)

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