1995.5 UrS6 Avant tailgate question

Jeff Maurer jeff.maurer at infocus.com
Tue Jul 24 10:09:27 EDT 2001

I'm guessing that this is the same for A6 Avant and possibly 100 of the same
approximate vintage.

I'm trying to disassemble the interior trim panels in the tailgate to get at
the roller sunshade.  Following the [cough] detailed directions of Bentley
I've managed to remove two self-tapping screws and two torx screws (in the
interior tailgate latch), and I've pried four of the metal spring clips
away.  That's all that Bentley shows, but the trim panel still refuses to
let go.  I'm at the pivotal point of deciding to reef on it really hard
which will either pull the panel away or break the whole #$% thing in half.

Any BTDT on this!?  Thanks in advance!

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